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Sun Sep 4 04:52:30 EDT 2005

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> I did a google on the term and came up empty.  Does
> anyone know of an online graphic (map) that displays
> the ARRL sections?
> Please reply on-list so everyone knows if/when I've
> gotten the reply...and save me having to send a link
> to all of the folks who will reply by saying "me too".
> :)
> Thanks, everyone.
> Regards,
> Ev, W2EV

Hi Ev - please visit my website - I have added the map that you need.

By the way - completely off-topic:  Has anyone any ideas where I can get a
job? I have been un-employed for a while - things are very quiet in the west
of Ireland. I am very good at web-design and map-making: it would be nice if
they could generate me some income. Perhaps someone on this list knows of a
vacancy ?

73s Tim EI8IC
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