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> We have made it to Lafayette, Louisiana and closer to home.  Not sure how
long we'll be here, but I have to tell you that it is a great improvement in
accomodations.  I now have Internet in the room.
> Today we received some good news.  A friend of my next door neighbor went
to check on our houses today and the report was good in that no structural
damage was reported on my house, but both my towers did fall, luckily in my
other neighbors back yard.  The chimney blew off my neighbor's house and a
2x4 board is stuck in his roof, but supposely no damage to my place.
Although this is good news in that the house is there, but I find it very
hard to believe that my taller tower did not pull out the side of a wall.
It must have just broke.
> Although relieved, I know there is a lot to do when we get to go back in.
I met a couple today that went back to our neighborhood on Thursday and
their stories of devastation in my area is disturbing.  We can go back in on
Monday, but Shay doesn't want me to go.  There is no power, but we do have
water pressure according to my neighbor's friend (no water in the houses on
my street).  No gas, no supplies, and no communications.  My other neighbor
is going back in on Monday.  I may wait until I get his report before
deciding when to go in.  I will eventually need to go in to begin basic
repairs.  I did not get a report on if I have any singles still on my roof,
but a third of the siding is off the east side.
> Although it's good news, it doesn't make us feel all that great when we
see what has happened to most of the rest of the people in the New Orleans,
Mississippi & Alabama areas.
> We are seeing some video on the local channels here in Lafayette, home
video shot by amateurs, that show damage in areas that the national news is
not covering.
> Hope to have pictures soon.
> 73, Don AA5AU
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