[CQ-Contest] Looking for info or meeting in Maine later this month

Charles Morrison cfmorris at bellsouth.net
Sun Sep 4 14:14:54 EDT 2005

Dr. Pat Sonnier, W5WMU will be traveling to the state of Maine, no specific
city or area, later this month.  He's scouting (yes, really) for a
retirement place to purchase up there so that he can begin building a
station.  He'd like to meet with someone or if anyone has knowledge of a
place that he could look into purchasing.  

This place would have to be several acres in size, preferably outlying
areas, and NO RESTRICTIONS!  If you've got any information or would like to
meet with Dr. Pat, he'd love to talk to you.  Reply to me here via direct
email or via the reflector, and we'll get hooked up!

Also, thanks to everyone for the replies on the Shorty-40 antenna.  Turns
out it is a Cushcraft and he did end up finding the documentation and
measurements that he was looking for.  Its been taken down, cleaned,
remeasured and put back up in working order.

Thanks for any help on the new question.


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