[CQ-Contest] CT-17 Problem

ku8e@bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Fri Sep 9 09:41:29 EDT 2005

  I just purchased a used CT-17 CIV converter for my IC756PRO. I can't seem to get it working.
  It didn't come with an instruction manual or any of the cables. I happened to find a .pdf of the
  manual online.

    I have checked my cables and the CIV jack on the back of the IC756PRO and they are OK. 
  From what I understand the CIV (or remote) jack on the 756PRO should measure between +4 and +5 volts.  When you turn on the CIV transcieve option from the menu on the radio and turn the VFO the voltage should  drop somewhat.  I have double checked to make sure the baud rate is set correctly on both the radio and programs. I have also checked my computer and there are no conflicts on the serial  port - COM1.

  I have tried it with CT (for Windows), N1MM and NA and I can't get it to communicate with any of these

  Does anyone know if the RS232 cable is wired special ? I used the one that I have for my TS850S radio control box - just a DB25 - DB9 cable. I am using a 3.5mm mono  plug from the CT-17 to the CIV jack on the radio.  It powers up just fine when 12 volts is applied.

Anyone else ever have these problems ???

Thanks, Jeff  KU8E

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