[CQ-Contest] CQWW Multi-Single Rule

Mike McCarthy, W1NR lists at w1nr.net
Wed Sep 14 07:56:15 EDT 2005

You are right! There is no provision in Cabrillo to claim 0 points as in the 
days before Cabrillo.  Maybe this is something to bring to the attention of 
the contest sponsors that accept Cabrillo?  I will have to try writelog and 
see what it generates when I mark the QSO unclaimed.  I do know that dupes 
make it into the Cabrillo file.  Do the contest robots see a non mult on the 
mult band and just not give you credit for the QSO with no penalties?  You 
don't get penalized for dupes in the log unless they are excessive.

Mike, W1NR

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> Mike, how do you mark the QSO as unclaimed when submitting Cabrillo log.
> Cabrillo format as far as I know has no provision for that.
> 73, Igor UA9CDC
>> Anytime this has happened at any M/S I have worked in we simply mark the
>> as unclaimed.  As long as you do not claim points for it, you don't get
>> penalized and the station worked gets credit.  Deleting QSO's is grounds
> for
>> disqualification.
>> Mike, W1NR
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