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Hi David:
I totally agree with you but this is not the interpretation of the majority
of the committee.
They say that you can use any number of transmitter (i.e MM station) the
only limitation is to have at a given time only two signals even in
different bands.
My point is that, unless the MM setup uses a interlock mechanism to allow
only two stations at the same time is impossible to be sure that for some
period of times you can have more than two signals.
As far as I know nobody announce the use of a interlock mechanism in some
Multi setup stations.
I think that the rules should clarify in the rules if a 3rd, 4th or 5th
station is or not allowed.

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There is no 'exception' for m/2 as there is for m/1 about working mults so I
would say no... going to another band and back to a run would be 2 band
changes for one of the two transmitters.  Flexibility and accounting for
band changes is important in that class as you can make just so many changes
to other bands per hour with each transmitter, so if you are say running on
20m and 40m and there are mults on 80m you need you could work some on each
of the transmitters if you antenna switching allows them both to use 80m (at
different times of course)... of course once you go to a band you aren't
limited to just working mults in m/2 since both transmitters can work anyone
so it pays to work not only the mults but any other stations you can before
switching to another band again.  This is actually a very nice class if you
have enough antennas for 2 transmitters but not enough for 3 or more and
have a couple ops who like to run a lot. 

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> Under M/2 operation can you use a separate mult station (being 
> transmitter No. 3) if that mult station does not operate at the same 
> time as both of the two normal run stations?
> And if you can use the third station can that station log the mult 
> contact on their computer or does the run station that stopped running 
> need to switch to the mult station frequency and make the QSO in their
> Roger, W7VV
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