[CQ-Contest] Callsign Logging When Location is Exchanged

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> ...Assuming that a contests exchange includes call sign
> and geographical location (like a Grid Square), I can
> think of no need to log any "/" information at all.
> Tapping into the groups collective wisdom, are there
> any unexpected (to me) problems with this?
> Examples:
> Received     Actually
> and Entered  Logged by software
> -----------  ------------------
> 9Y4/4U1ITU | 4U1ITU
> W1/G3AAA/200|G3AAA
> I think that this works because it would be obvious
> from their transmitted (and logged) Grid Square that
> they were /VE3, 9Y4/, and W1/.

Not true at all. There are plenty of countries that share a grid square. For
instance, a station in JN61: is he signing /I or /HV? A station in JN02: is
he signing /F or /EA3 or /C3?

There *is* a way to determine which is which, but as its concerns a project
that I am working on at the moment, I won't elaborate right now.

73s Tim EI8IC
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