[CQ-Contest] CQ Tahoe/USA

PY2NY - Vitor py2ny at arrl.net
Thu Sep 22 23:06:25 EDT 2005

Hi old friends
It´s time to come back to USA, after five
years out there. Ana PU2VYT and me,
are thinking to spend ten days between
26.dec.2005 and 06.jan.2006 at Lake
Tahoe region. Like always, I use the list
to ask for you about any kind of info.
We would like to find a little chalet
or very very very little rent home to
that time and of course, any other kind
of info about every attractions around,
specially restaurants and breweries hi hi...
And of course, the possibility to find some
of our W6/W7 friends to talk and
talk and talk...
We are trying to have our visas (last
one will expire Jan/2006) and it´s 80% sure
that the trip will be done... What is the
nearest airport? Will I have problems to
drive using 4 x 4 into snow?
ADDRESS:  py2ny - at -arrl.net
or py2ny - at - terra.com.brt
Best 73 fromPY2NY - Vitor

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