[CQ-Contest] SAC - WW RTTY

Jan Erik Holm sm2ekm at telia.com
Mon Sep 26 01:35:06 EDT 2005

Well everything is relative someone once stated.
For the first time in 30 years I did try RTTY
contesting, go figure why!
Just for fun I worked almost 500 Q´s and I was
only active some hours during daytime, I must
say there is tremendous activity on RTTY these
Now I have to refine my RTTY setup to be able to
make some kind a score in the future. This time
I just did throw in a RTTY program into the laptop
and connected 2 cables to the radio and started
to operate, didn´t even have a logging program
set up so had to log on paper, gee what a deal!
However the sad part is the undiciplined  operating
practise mainly from Europeean stations but ofcourse
that´s no news these days.
Even at 66 degs north I found propagation decent
and I must have worked around 10 PY stations,
mainly on 15 meters, some where 10-15 dB over S9
so not too bad.

73 Jim SM2EKM

PY2NY - Vitor wrote:

> Conditions very bad. Almost nobody
> at Scandinavian Contest and was hard
> to do something at WW RTTY.
> Hope to have better days in few
> years hi hi
> - PY2NY -

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