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Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Tue Aug 1 09:32:49 EDT 2006

While I'm sure practices vary, we have heard in this forum from authoritative participants in the log-checking process of major contests, indicating that human judgment is generally applied to every deletion or penalty.  If XX1XX says "I lost 25 QSOS on the first day due to a computer glitch," it is difficult indeed to imagine any contest sponsor assessing a NIL on anyone who claimed a QSO with XX1XX during the period of doubt.

73, Pete N4ZR

At 03:47 AM 8/1/2006, Jim Smith wrote:
>Perhaps someone involved in log checking could tell us how they would 
>handle a soapbox comment saying that, "I lost 25 Qs between the times of 
>xxxx and xxyy."
>I've included such comments when I've done things like sent the wrong 
>info and said that it should be me that is penalized, not the other op. 
>  Don't know if it actually happened.
>73, Jim VE7FO
>Jan Erik Holm wrote:
>> So someone makes 5000 Q´s, during that time he/she has a
>> computer glitch and 25 goes bye bye, he/she should then
>> due to that just submit a check log.
>> Well I´m very very sorry but that scenario isn´t even
>> close to be close in being fair to me.
>> On the other hand, since these things aren´t uncommon,
>> what the op could do is to indicate in his log that
>> during a specific time frame he had a computer glitch
>> and lost 25 Q´s, stations that worked him during that
>> time frame would not get a NIL QSO.
>> 73 Jim SM2EKM
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