[CQ-Contest] ARRL says no to opening logs...

John Vickers wa4tt at nlamerica.com
Mon Aug 14 19:19:56 EDT 2006

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> I've been at this @50 years and I've seen whiners
> everywhere pleading their case for a busted call and in the majority of
> times walk away with the card. (at Dayton, at The Bash, Visalia, etc etc).

> I think the recent posting, on the web, today, for KH8SI is all the info
> that needs to be posted publicly. Everything after that must come from 
> your
> log.

Have to agree with Mal here. But what bothers me more than the busted call 
credit. Is the guys that call, give 599 TU, then a few mins later do it all 
over again. Then when the info is posted they finally know when they got 
thru. Otherwise they'ed have to send in several dozen cards with different 
times and dates ! :>)

If they'd spend that calling time putting up ants or working on their 
receiving problems, life would be so much more rewarding !

I've never participated in DXCC in 45 years so my opinion doesn't matter too 
much. I like DXing and making the Q and pretty much know when its a good one 
or not without an online log. But it *IS* nice to look and see the call in 
yhe log.

73, John WA4TT

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