[CQ-Contest] 2006 WAE CW - All 3830 Claimed Scores Question

Pete Smith n4zr at contesting.com
Fri Aug 18 07:06:42 EDT 2006

I have a certificate on the wall from WAE CW 2004 that has exactly this situation - more QTCs than QSOs, and I assume it must have been due to log checking and deletion of some busted Qs.

73, Pete

]At 08:34 PM 8/17/2006, KC1F wrote:
>>  Obviously the one non-EU with more QTCs is an
>> error.
>> 73 Art W2NRA
>I think I've seen that before in the printed results, and I wonder if it's 
>indeed a typo or not.  I wonder if it's the result of losing credit for some 
>QSOs because log checking caught them, but they didn't lose the point for 
>transmitting the QTC for that contact.
>I also learned that now the nice WAEDC booklets will not be printed and 
>mailed any more - that's too bad.  I have a complete collection from 1971 to 
>date except for 1978.  I can imagine it was expensive to print and mail them 
>to all participants.  I would have paid a little to get mine.  I suppose I 
>could print the results off the web site but it wouldn't look as nice.
>Stu        KC1F
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