[CQ-Contest] 15 minute log deadline

K6VVA dx35 at hilding.com
Fri Dec 15 08:10:25 EST 2006

Someone wrote:

 > If you screw up a contact during the contest, that's the time
 > to fix it. I've heard plenty of operators ask someone to hold
 > on a sec, I need your report again, the computer just went nuts.

It would be very helpful to have a contest "Q" signal (maybe "QLQ" if it's 
not already in use) for "Logger QLF"...something short & sweet so no 
lengthy explanation is needed of why the QRX.  Option:  "QOQ" for "Operator 

Paul, VO1HE, wrote:

 > On another note, I can assure you that radiosport is NOT the only
 > competition where the participant wants "do-overs". I've had lots of golf
 > shots that I wish I could take back. Ask Bill Buckner about his dream
 > "do-over". :)

That's it...that's it... "Contest Mulligans" you purchase *before* the 
checkered flag drops.  They should be expensive, and proceeds used by the 
sponsors for recruiting new contesters (or hiring additional help to 
expedite the publishing of results :-)



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