[CQ-Contest] 75M and the DX Window

Richard DiDonna NN3W nn3w at cox.net
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> There are as many misconceptions, and or misunderstandings, within the DX
community as there is within the Contesting community about the 'DX Window'.
> The U.S. is just about the only country in the world that has 250khz for
SSB, on 75m. Within that 250khz is a small, very small, segment 3790-3800
that US and most other countries have in common. Yes there are some
exceptions but for the vast majority 3790-3800 is where DX SSB contacts take

The DX WIndow is where QSOs CAN take place.  It is not the only place.  I've
worked a lot of DX stations while transmitting on 3805 or 3825, with the DX
station transmitting on 3645 or 3625.  The operation technique is commonly
known as "split", and renders issue essentially moot.  This is also the norm
on 40 meters.

> The DX community is very protective, and rightly so, of the 'DX Window'
but they don't seem to understand when there is an international contest the
only place the contesters can work DX is also in the 'DX Window'.

Both statements are false or unsupported.  While the DX community may be
protective of the windoy, why Why is the DX community "rightly so" in being
protective of the window?

Second, to say that contesters can word DX "only" in the DX Window is
totally false.  The vast majority of all DX contacts on 75 meters take place
utilizing "split."

> We need to have some 'give-n-take', compromise, between Contesters and
DXers. DXers must understand during international contests contesters need
to use the 'DX Window'. Conversely contesters must understand during
domestic contest like SS and QSO parties, etc, there is no justification to
use the 'DX Window'. Perhaps the domestic  contest sponsors can include a
statement in their rules suggesting 3790-3800 is off-limits.

Why is it that there is "no justification" to use the DX window?  75 meters
is bedlam during SS, and to a lesser extent, during NAQP and Sprint.  If
there is a large swath of spectrum smack in the middle of the band where
there is NO activity, many operators will consider the spectrum fair ground.
It is certainly a more efficient use of space.  Nets on 20 meters make the
same argument all the time, and the argument has been soundly rejected.

73 Rich NN3W

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