[CQ-Contest] 75M and the DX Window

Tom Osborne w7why at verizon.net
Sun Feb 5 19:47:50 EST 2006

> There are as many misconceptions, and or misunderstandings, >within the DX 
> community as there is within the Contesting >community about the 'DX 
> Window'.

Hi Mal

I, for one, am pretty confused on how the window is supposed to work during 
a contest.

Does the DX work split, or do some U.S. stations just sit in the window and 
the DX rotates in and out of the window to work them?  That would be pretty 
neat for the U.S. station that is the first one in the window.

Or do U.S. stations camp just outside the window and the DX stations call 
them split?  That would also be pretty neat as someone could set up on 3801 
or 3789 and there would be a good supply of DX stations calling them (as 
long as they keep those pesky guys out that can't hear any DX in the 

If U.S. stations can work inside the window as long as they only worked DX, 
that would also be pretty cool.  You could get maybe 2-3 U.S. stations there 
with their own pipeline to the DX stations.  Maybe after they have worked a 
few, they move out and let someone else go in there and work the DX.  It is 
all pretty confusing to me, although I try to stay out of the window as not 
to bother people who CAN work DX there.  73

Tom W7WHY 

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