[CQ-Contest] 40m CW Sprint

Scott Robbins w4pa at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 10 16:20:48 EST 2006

>In the past, the CW Sprinters have moved down the band and things worked 
>out.  However, there is likely going to be a hornets nest of stations calling
>the 3Y from 7025 up to about 7045.   Just this evening, I worked them when I
>was on 7042.

>I suspect you will find the CW Sprint operators splitting their time between
>the extra band and up above the RTTY activity.  

>Just a heads up so you won't be totally shocked when you QSY from 20 meters
>down to 40 and wonder what the heck is going on.

...and don't forget to check 40 at the start of the Sprint.  There are often
quite a few of us down there racking up second radio QSO's...or is it first
radio QSO's, with the second radio on 20?   You pick. 

I like below 7025 better than battling it out with 3Y0X, the RTTY contest, and
SSBers above that...seems like the Sprint went pretty smooth with us moving
down to avoid the RTTY contest in past years.

Scott W4PA

W4PA 2005-2006 Contest Calendar
Sept 11:  CW Sprint SOABHP
Oct 29/30:  CQ WW SSB SOABHP @ VY2ZM as VY2PA
Nov 5/6: CW SS casual operation SOABHP, home QTH
Nov 18/19:  SS SSB M/S as K4JNY @ K4JNY.  6 ops.
Nov 25/26:  CQ WW CW M/M - PJ2T
Feb 11: CW Sprint SOABHP
Feb 18/19: ARRL DX CW - Barbados - SOABHP - 8P*** call TBA.
Mar 4/5: ARRL DX SSB limited operation @K4JNY (station/ant work day)
Mar 25/26: WPX SSB M/S as KM9P @ K4JNY
May 27/28: WPX CW SOABHP as KM9P @ K4JNY

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