[CQ-Contest] Day in the LIFE of a SPRINTER by KL2A

Jon kl2a at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 11 15:09:21 EST 2006

"From the buzzing mind of KL2A"

Here we are again, at the door of yet another sprint!

Today is Saturday, it's family day at my house, where everyone is
required to relax & enjoy life!  There's the scent of hot buttered
pancakes with maple syrup and fresh coffee floating through the sun-lit

Everyone is relaxed, except me.  See, I can't stop thinking about the
Sprint!  You'd think it was the coffee making my knees bounce the baby
up and down, proud smile of approval from Tiffany, but my mind is
racing between an imaginary radio 1 & radio 2 scenario for the sprint.

Not to mention the edge seeking questions:

"How can I get an edge over my usual habits?" 
"How close can I get to Tree?" 
"Will I get near RV IC MJ NL?" 
"Should I milk 20 until it's flat?"
"How early to 40 and should I try 20 late in the game?"

I feel like it's CQWW and I'm in CT3 waiting for the starting bell!

Competition is FIERCE in this one.  We are talking about just a few Q's
difference with the Top 10 boys.  That's a tough gang!

I'm at a big station this weekend, NK7U.  LP is not an option.  For me,
that would be a much easier way to the Top 10 box, but KL9A would haze
me to the end; definately can't let that happen!  No, it's HP time and
there is only one way to the finish line.  

It comes down to getting the groove, getting lucky, and staying with it
to the end.

It's noon in the west.  Are you ready?  This is one for the books! 
With WRTC around the bend, everyone will be there.

Sprint CW
Time: 0000-0400z.
Freq: 20-80m
Who: All North American Countries count as multiplier

Please pass the word, a short blast with your friends.
Join us tonight at 00z!


73 & KB de KL2A (NK7U in Sprint)

Yahoo IM: KL2A

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