[CQ-Contest] soundcard interfacing help required

Ted Boerkamp tboerkamp at cogeco.ca
Mon Feb 13 22:16:13 EST 2006

Hello Everyone, 
			I am presently researching all the interesting web
with respect to soundcard interfacing for RTTY, and trying to determine
exactly what circuits I might need to connect a FT1000MP to a soundcard
and run strictly FSK RTTY. Please correct me if I am wrong, but I see need
for a PTT circuit, a FSK circuit and a connection from RX audio back to
the soundcard "line-in" jack. Are these three connections all I need??
>From what I see in my 1000MP manual, I can get PTT,FSK and RX audio from
the RTTY Jack on the back of the radio. Am I correct here or is there
anything else I am missing?? I would like to get input from the experienced
operators as well as those who are also using 1000MPs for FSK RTTY.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

p.s. I was trying to decide if it was better to buy a commercial interface
     or build one!

Ted Boerkamp VE3SS

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