Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Tue Feb 14 23:33:04 EST 2006

Good for you, Jacob, and welcome to the world of contesting.  You'll 
have a lot of fun if you keep it up.  Along the way you'll find that 
your station and skills will both improve.

73, Jim Smith   VE7FO

K8JWT wrote:

>Being a new contester this may not be of any interest to you old timers so 
>please forgive my excitement.
>Was looking at the ARRL logs received for the ARRL RTTY Round-up and for the 
>state of West Virginia I think I have won the state?!?!?!? The only other WV 
>state listed has 580 points and I had 12600 points.
>So if I am not mistaken I will get a certificate for hig score in my class 
>(SOAB-LP) for the state of West Virginia.
>As I said before, please excuse my excitement but this was my first ever 
>serious attempt at a RTTY contest since getting General Class ticket in 
>September 2005!
>Sorry for the ranting & raving, feeling better now. . .
>Jacob Tennant - K8JWT 
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