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This very frank message from Kele YU1AO is forwarded with his encouragement.  I trust everyone will agree that it fulfills a useful informational purpose, and is responsive to my query of the other day.  Thanks, Kele!

73, Pete N4ZR

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Hi Pete,

since I am not hooked to cq-contest reflector any more, here am sending
you some details regarding QSLL.com service, and if you find it acceptable
you may forward it to the reflector too.

Let me write some downsides here, and for the upsides please visit the
webpage :)

This service is alive, but we do not have many clients, which makes whole
operation much slower than desired. Besides, YU1 is still not on the list
of countries for direct PayPal payments, or any other over-the-internet
system. That makes whole process even more slower, since we do not start
printing or servicing before actually receiving the funds. Once we receive
funds for a single order it takes additional time to collect at least two
more orders to make printing cost reasonable. Finally, outgoing card
deliveries from YU1 to various ww bureaus are slower, and not as frequent
as in other functional EU bureaus. So, we still welcome any very patient
ham who does not bother if his cards would be finally processed after
several months from the day of the first application. Unfortunately, we
can do nothing to fasten this process.
Regarding the charge for the filling, one must be aware that $3.60/hour is
very nice wage for YU1 employee, where average income is less than
3$/hour. Besides, QSLL.com has improved the service from manual filling to
printed labels and direct printing on the cards.

Hope you do NOT find this post as an advertising matter, since it tells
everything against the service :(

73 GL de Kele

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>I just got an e-mail from a friend, asking my opinion of the service
>by www.QSLL.com, which will print, fill out and mail QSL cards for
>contesters.  It turns out that on their web site they cite a message I
>posted on CQ-Contest back in 2002 about reducing QSLing costs, hence my
>friend's query.
>If you go to the site, you may discover that the link to my message
>work - it should be
>They compare their service's pricing to my home efforts, and their
>comparative analysis is actually a little less favorable to them than it
>should be.  My analysis was for 5800 QSOs on 4000 cards.  Assuming 4000
>cards at 77 Euros, with filling and mailing I calculate exactly US$248 at
>today's interbank exchange rate, the same cost for their service as doing
>my way.  However, that assumes that my labor has no value, and also does
>include ink for the ink-jet printer, time and gasoline spent going to and
>from the printer, post office, etc.  And finally, international postal
>from the US have increased since 2002.  The bottom line is that their
>service, assuming it is reliable, could be very good value.
>I can't keep track of all the players, but this appears to involve YU1AO,
>who is, I think, an established QSL printer.  There appear to be cross
>connections to YT6A/KO3A, the Sky Contest Club, and contesting.info,
>is a near-clone of contesting.com. The pricing is very attractive - $99
>4000 one-color one side QSLs, for example.  The only unrealistic thing I
>is that they say they will manually complete the QSL cards for a penny
>QSO - even assuming six QSOs a minute, that would only be $3.60 an hour,
>what I'd call a living wage.
>And here, finally, is my question.  Has anyone used this service, and had
>confirmation that it is working as advertised?  If you have just used
>QSL printing, how did that work out?
>73, Pete N4ZR
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73, Pete N4ZR
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