[CQ-Contest] arrl dx cw spot report

Tue Feb 21 00:58:30 EST 2006

Everyone by now knows I don't use packet during contests. Saturday morning I had a nice easy comfortable(slow)  run going on 40m. All of the sudden there was an avalanche of U.S. stations calling me. I have no problem with that during this contest but I couldn't figure out why all of the sudden and why so many. The last U.S. station that called was N7WA. He asked me to repeat my NR and I sent AZ AZ. He never responded but the US pileup disappeared as fast as it showed up. I suspected a joker and I was right. I looked at the packet:
HSØZDJ had legitimately spotted me. A few minutes later WB6WVB (who doesn't exist) spotted me as LN7MA. a few minutes later N7WA reposted me with my correct call.
Every CQ on my run freq I send my call twice. When I QSL, a contact, I send R TU N7MAL test. Apparently the guys who worked my only relied on packet,,,,,, wonder what they used for my power..??.. Special thanks to N7WA for correcting the packet.

Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
It's already tomorrow in Australia

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  How about starting a list of stations that spotted the most busted calls?  My personal favorite was WX0B spotted as JX0B Saturday night.  I'm sure Jay and the gang loved having all those US stations calling in the middle of a European run.  You would think 5NN TX would be a tip off but I guess not.  


  Ken K4ZW

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