[CQ-Contest] busted call report

Andrew Faber andrew.faber at gte.net
Wed Feb 22 14:33:30 EST 2006

  The real P4s were: P40G, P40W, P40LE,  P49Y, P43E (assuming P43JB and 
P49MR didn't get on).  Everything else is a bust, and, as I mentioned in my 
write-up, caused lots of annoyance and wasted time, not to mention lost 
  73, Andy, AE6Y, P49Y (not P40Y in this one)
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> One note before I start on the busted calls... I think it is finally
> starting to sink in that re-spotting the call with /bust or /busted 
> doesn't
> help, it just clutters up the band map even more.  please, if you must
> correct a bad spot, just send the correct call... and add a comment as a
> comment, not part of the callsign.
> A few people have asked me about identifying busted spots over the 
> weekend.
> I have not come up with a really good automated way to do this, since by
> definition these are 'errors' and can take many forms.  I have done a bit
> with a search for different calls spotted on or near the same frequency
> within a short time that finds some of them... like this:
> Even after all the hype, 3y0x was spotted as 2y0x, 30yx, 3yox, 3xoy, 3x0y,
> 3y0c, 3y0a, 3y0ssb, 3t0x, ey0x, and 3y5x.
> 4n1856t was spotted as 4n185bt, I wonder who's birthday that is?
> Hg4f shows as 5g4f of course
> 6v6u also spotted as 6v6v
> 7s2e and zs2e got mixed up
> 7x0ry vs 7xory
> how many 8p's were on, I got: 8p9a, 8p9pa, 8p9ja, 8p9p, 8p9wa
> The 9a's had fun with: 9a15dx vs 9a1hdx and 9a1sdx or someone who gave up 
> on
> the dits and spotted 9a1dx or added more and got 9a15hdx.
> C6agg vs c6agp
> C6hr vs c6ahr
> I heard some chirpy co's this weekend... did that contribute to these:
> Co2zz vs co8zz vs co7zz vs co8xx
> Co6ly vs co8ly
> Cx6tt vs co7tt
> How about ct1bqh vs ct1bqs
> Cu2dx vs cu1dx
> Cu2a vs cu2m
> Cu7/dl5axx vs cu5axx, cu7/dl5abb, cu7/dl5ax, cu7/dl5xx, cu7/dl7axx
> Hi3tj vs hi3tej and hi3t or hi3ej or hi2tej, hi3tel, hi3tew, hi8tej
> Dy2t and ly2t
> How many ea8/oh's were there?
> Ea8/ oh3nl, oh3vl,oh4nl,oh6ch,oh6cs
> And the super long one: ea8oh4nl
> Pick out the real calls from these:
> f6ska, f6hka, f6khk, f6khm, f6kar, f5khm, f6ksm, f6mhm
> FS land was busy with: fs/kn5g and his buddies: fs5mq, fs5q, fs5uq, fsuq,
> and fsw5uq
> Ha3m and ha3mq, which was busted and which wasn't?  the same with ha3u and
> ha3uu.
> Pick the correct hc's from: hc1sl, hc1il, hc2sl
> Hk1ar vs hk1arkw, hk1r, hk1ra
> Hq9h vs hq9s, hr9q, hq4i (or was that nq4i?), and hq0h
> Ik0yua, ik0yuv, ik0yvv, ik1zuv
> And the one everyone asked about was 33 j70j's for almost 10% of the spots
> for j7oj being busted.  But there were also j7ojbust, j70oj, j70w, j71j,
> j79j, and somehow a j7ik(maybe dj7ik In the mix?)
> It looks like wx0b got spotted as jx0b, that must have been fun for a
> minute.
> Who the heck is kcw3lpl???
> Isn't herbie well enough known yet: kv4fz as kv5fv, kvfz
> Next quiz... will the real p4's please stand up?
> P40e, p40g, p40j, p40l, p40le, p40w, p40y, p49y, pv0g, pv0w
> We all know rk2fwa right? how about his brother rk2rwa.
> I'm not even going to begin on the s5's!  or all the permutations of
> ti3,4,5, and n and m for suffixes.
> Did v31tp and v31pp follow each other around over the weekend?  I swear I
> ran into them a couple times only about 1kc apart.  But never did hear 
> their
> third buddies v31jtp or v3jtp
> And how many vp5/'s were there: w2jo, wj0o, wj2o, wj20, and most fun of 
> all,
> vp55/busted who should have been busted, and vp55/wj20 who really was.
> There were several spellings of tesla: yt0esla, yt0telsa, yt0telse, 
> yt0tes,
> and finally yt0tesla
> Zf1a's 20m harmonic got a few spots that were 'ph0ny'.
> There was also some other fun with spots for:
> A3S, A4S, and 20m546 in the antenna category.  In the tube category there
> was 3cx10000a7, 8o7 (is that a tube??).  And in the misc parts was 1n914.
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