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W0UN -- John Brosnahan shr at swtexas.net
Tue Jun 13 08:17:37 EDT 2006

At 01:21 AM 6/13/2006, Mario, S56A wrote:
>W0UN: And at no time did any capacitors fail the 200 watt test -- or 
>even get very warm.
>I guess you were lucky!  I made W3NQN filters with a big VU mica 
>caps for 2 kV and they all failed on 7 MHz and above.
>Manufacturer sent us new batch for free but they are not tested 
>yet.  DL2NBU specifies VAR power ratings required.


With all due respect I think it had nothing to do with luck.  Ed 
designed the filters
specially using the referenced capacitors BECAUSE they would handle the
power.  Ed was VERY insistent that these were the right capacitors to use.  You
make substitutions at your own risk.

--John  W0UN

>Simple ICE filter configuration should survive most abuses but 21/28 
>MHz isolation is not good enough for SO2R.
>Please note that BPF info is available in ON4UN book on low bands.
>73 de Mario, S56A
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