[CQ-Contest] Antenna question

Tony Rogozinski trogo at telegraphy.com
Wed Jun 28 09:28:25 EDT 2006

I have had an 8 element 10 meter beam on a 40' boom - unopened for several years.  The outside of the 
shipping tube was marked "Moseley" .  Yesterday I finally unpacked the antenna since the cardboard
tube was soaking wet after all the rain we've had here in Virginia and found the instruction manual but
it didn't identify the manufacturer - only the date February 1976 - it's been around awhile - I bought it from
a SK estate.
Anyway, today I did a search on Google using the model number M108C and found that these antennas
are still being sold by a company called MACO which builds CB antennas!  Did they buy the design
for these yagis from Moseley?  Does anyone know?
The antenna appears to be high quaility - all the hardware and tubing is like new even after 35 years in
a the cardboard container and under very humid conditions here in VA for some period of time.  The manual
shows element lengths from 26 to 30 MHZ so it was certainly built to operate on CB frequencies.  I'm sure
with some modeling it will be a very good antenna since everything is totally adjustable.
Anyway, just curious about any connection between Moseley and the new company???

Tony Rogozinski

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