[CQ-Contest] PSE RELAY to Mainstream Press: World Cup of AMATEUR RADIO soon!

Dan Eskenazi desk at nwlink.com
Wed Jun 28 12:25:59 EDT 2006

This is a press release we are trying to get out to the mainstream press.
WRTC is a great opportunity to promote our hobby of radio sport in the 
world outside of radio.
Any relay you can make with this story would be great.
Time is short.

Is there anyone YOU know in RADIO, TV, NEWSPAPER?
this would make a great story and a boon for the hobby.....
PLEASE feel free to pass it on, and change the names of the entrants if you 
wish to use it locally where you are..or change it
any way you wish.....the common goal is to get it in the press.

THIS IS  a great chance to help the hobby you love!!

danny k7ss

Great AUDIO story here...!!  its about RADIO!

>WHO: Seattle contestant Ward Silver representing US NW

>WHAT: World Radiosport Team Championship. Amateur Radio Olympics.

WHEN: Brazil July 2006

WHERE: Florianopolis Brazil

>"Seattle Sending a Contestant to Brazil to Bring Home the Gold. July 2006"
>The WRTC (World Radiosport Team Championship) 
>http://www.wrtc2006.com/site/home.asp, is considered the premier event of 
>Amateur Radiosporting.
>It is the Olympics of Amateur Radio. These are the original electronic 
>gamers, since shortwave radio contesting began back in the 1930s.
>In early July, more than 50 teams from around the globe will arrive in 
>Brazil to set up and operate their own Amateur Radio stations on Morse 
>Code and voice for 24 hours. This competition will occur in the midst of a 
>worldwide radio shootout participated in by thousands of radio operators 
>in their homes and club stations from all over the world. The goal of the 
>competition is to make as many quick contacts (an exchange of signal 
>strength and location), in as many different countries of the world that 
>they can.
>Imagine all those teams set up in the middle of Seahawks Stadium with the 
>seats all filled with folks all representing different countries of the 
>globe. At the starting gun the guys in the middle must yell out and 
>exchange a quick "contact" with as many of them in the stands as they can, 
>especially those sitting farthest away. All teams are
>doing this at the same time and all people in the stands are also 
>contacting EACH OTHER! It might sound like chaos, but to a trained ear it 
>is the sound of high rate radiosport competition!  The winner will be the 
>team that talks to the most other people, in the most other locations. 
>......and did we mention they do it on not only voice, but on Morse Code too!?
>WRTC is held at 4-year intervals like the World Cup. It brings the best of 
>the best to one location. WRTC originated in Seattle in conjunction with 
>the Goodwill Games 1990. It was then held in 1996 in San Francisco CA, in 
>2000 Slovenia, and in 2002 Helsinki. Competitors vie for gold, silver, and 
>bronze medals, annointing them as World Champions.
>  The Northwest is represented this event by Ward Silver (radio call sign 
> N0AX - "N Zero A X") of Vashon Island, and his partner from Idaho, Chris 
> Hurlbut (KL9A).
>There's a great parallel between the World Cup and WRTC....  Radio 
>Sporting is a high energy cerebral sport, with instant decision-making 
>happening every second of the 24-hour contest as they bounce signals off 
>the ionosphere to each other. It requires brains, stamina, experience, and 
>a bit of luck. The competing teams will likely score very similarly, being 
>that they are all very high caliber radio operators--the best their own 
>country can send.
>There are videos from the other WRTC events available that tell the story 
>of the past WRTCs.
>Please contact:
>Dan Eskenazi
>206 932 6621
>desk at nwlink.com
>Ward Silver
>206 683 9710

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