[CQ-Contest] FD observations and suggestion

Charles Gallo Charlie at TheGallos.com
Fri Jun 30 05:42:07 EDT 2006

On 6/29/2006 Kelly Taylor wrote:


> If a 'newbie' walks in to your tent while you're running stations at 150 an 
> hour, not saying "please copy," not answering a station and then waiting for 
> him to give his exchange, not S&Ping by saying "KB3EIA this is VE4XT" and 
> not needing a person sitting next to you logging (and missing half the calls 
> the first time), and then walks to the tent where the guy is doing all of 
> that and running at 25 an hour, he'll get the hint.

> All without having berated anyone.

> Sounds like your FD example was run by a bunch of very poor Elmers who need 
> to up their intake of Metamucil.

Just jumping into the thread here, with my 2 cents worth  - NOT to
anyone in particular (and Keith seems to handle it the RIGHT way) -
here is what I accidently sent direct to Keith last night (hate that
reply goes to the person, not the list..)


OK - I'm NOT a hard corps contester - no way, no how, in fact, other
than 3 FDs, I guess you could count my contests on the fingers of one
hand, and have a couple left.

Do I "Please copy" - yeah - sometimes - like when I get a person on
the other end who seems to need the slower pace.  Do I bang them out
"KG2V 1E NLI" - yeah, when the guy on the other end seems to be
working that way.

I run some, but mostly S&P - why?  TRY running from NYC, with a 51 ft
Mini G5RV at 32 ft.  You run when you can, but man, that's not often -
you CQ, and you get a few answers, then it dies, oh well (and why is
it that NON contest folks can't seem to copy "NLI" "November Lima
India" or "New York, Long Island" (Is that New Hampshire? - Is that
Northern New York)

Do I "Please copy" in a regular contest?  Heck no, learned THAT fast.
 But I think with Field Day, we have to realize, there are a LOT of
hams on the air who get on HF 1 or 2 times a year out there, and a lot
of guys who NEVER contest except FD.  I figure I have to adapt to them

That said, looking through pasts results for the section, in 1E, I
about doubled the previous Max QSO count, and only worked about 14
hours due to family commitments - heck, I was supposed to be 120 miles
away, as part of a 3A, but with Mom in the hospital, someone has to
help take care of Dad

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