[CQ-Contest] Fw: 7QP Rules

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Mon May 8 14:18:16 EDT 2006

I used CT with the 7qp STATE file provided by AD1C with no problem.  It 
did only give me 1 point per SSB (I was SSB only) contact instead of 2 
points but no problem just doubling that number before manually 
multiplying it by the number of MULTS worked.  But I suspect the log 
checkers have a way of correctly scoring your entry no matter what 
program you use as long as it is in Cabrillo format.  Only confusing 
part was when EURO stations in the ARI Contest needed a S/N from me for 
their contest log.  I kept a little side note on paper to know what ARI 
S/N I was on.  Also, if you logged any Italian stations in the ARI I 
would suggest you log them as DX and not as the provinces they were 
giving out.  Many of their province designators would be confused as 
states (PA, MO, MI, RI, etc) and throw off the score.  For anyone 
outside of NA I just logged them as DX rather than their country prefix 
or the Italian provinces given by the Italian stations.

Rex Maner wrote:

>One thing I found with N1MM Logger is that it is possiable to force a 
>contact into the log but not possable to get it to read the information that 
>was sent,  If the information is in the county list for 7QP and I log it OK 
>but for   NEQP  I was unable to log the county info and get the program to 
>accept it.
>So cross checking if the info was copied correctly isn't possiable for any 
>of the weekend events as to properly recieved exchanges.
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>>You are correct, sir.  I had contacts with 1 by 1 special event stations, 
>>the IN and NE QSO Parties, a few EU stations wanting a QSL card from NV, 
>>and 15 contacts with Italians calling CQ CONTEST for their ARI contest. 
>>Unlike the big contests by the ARRL and CQ it will be very hard to cross 
>>check logs because if a guy is in the ARI or NE/INQP and submitting his 
>>log to his contest gurus the 7qp checkers won't be seeing it.
>>N7MAL wrote:
>>>Well Quack the contest is over, did you get more than 3 or 4 Q's? (I ask 
>>>tongue in cheek) From the Northwest corner of Arizona, AZMHV, the contest 
>>>was a success. It can only get bigger-n-better in the years to come. 
>>>Having multiple QSO parties on the same weekend worked out very well for 
>>>everyone, except the log checkers. I suspect there are going to many 
>>>MAL       N7MAL
>>>Don't worry about the world coming to an end today.
>>>It's already tomorrow in Australia
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>>> BOY  oh  BOY     I only got 3 responses to that posting,  I hope at 
>>>05:00 local tomorrow there are more than  3 or 4 of us !!!   Its sure 
>>>gonna be lonely.
>>> Quack
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>>> Subject: Re: [CQ-Contest] 7QP Rules
>>> > No S/N that I know of. See:
>>> > http://www.7qp.org/
>>> >
>>> > On rules page rules say:
>>> > Exchange: 7th area stations send signal report plus 5-letter 
>>>state/county > code (e.g. ORDES; see list).    County-line stations send 
>>>multiple codes > (state code needed only once, e.g. ORDES/JEF).    All 
>>>others send signal > report plus state/province/DX (stations in other QSO 
>>>parties send their > appropriate exchange).    "Provinces" are VE1-9, VO 
>>>and VY0-2.
>>> >
>>> > My exchange will be NVCLA (Clark county NV)
>>> >
>>> > Rex Maner wrote:
>>> >
>>> >>I just read the rules in QST for  the 7QP and the exchange information 
>>> >>says  Serial Nr.  + The rules at   the sponsor says  RST +
>>> >>
>>> >>I'm planning   RS/RST +   ??
>>> >>
>>> >>Quack
>>> >>

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