[CQ-Contest] More updates to PASS program - new multipliers

Bob I.2.WIJ i2wij at yahoo.com
Tue May 9 06:36:06 EDT 2006

Hi Jim and all,

>A question for the group:
>The results are printed in callsign order.  Would
>you prefer they be printed in
>chronological order?

I would ask for them BOTH.

Moreover it would be nice to have them
also separate from "Originating" band
let say:
from 40 to 20
from 40 to 80 
both go to 40m band list, and so on

For M/S participants I think would be interesting
to know if the PASS come from the Runner or from the
Multiplier station.

And for your info,Jim, the old dos PASS.EXE
make a mess with the time, changing it
from the time in the Cabrillo file (which is GMT)
if the TZ of your PC is not GMT. 
(saw it on XP environment)

Thanks for the effort...

Bob, I2WIJ

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