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Fri May 12 22:21:12 EDT 2006

I'd like to invite you, NA/SA contesters, to joint into CWJF MMAA

While many hams will be attending Dayton (May, 20-21), you can have
some fun get into the CWJF Manchester Mineira All America Contest.

After 13 years of great success into South America, starting from
this year, the CWJF invites North, Central and South America
contesters to joint into CWJF MMAA Contest 2006 (CWJF Manchester
Mineira All America Contest).

N1MMLogger contest software (module CWJFMM) is already fully
compatible to the new rules.

There are many awards and cathegory!

ALL AMERICAN CHAMPION TROPHY - will be honored to station
(independent of the continent), that obtains the largest final score,
the absolute winner. 
PLATES - will be honored to station on each Continent (South America
and North America), that obtain the 1st place in each category.
CERTIFICATES - will be honored to station or club/group station of
South America and North America, which obtain the second and third
places in your respective categories.
CWJF - MANCHESTER MINEIRA TROPHY - will be honored to the club/group
station (independent of the continent), that you obtain the largest
final score.

Download full rules [PDF]: 

Rules Summary

Period: In the 3rd weekend of May, 1500Z Saturday (May, 20) - 2359Z
Sunday (May, 21).

Mode & bands: exclusively CW (A1A) on 80, 40, 20, 15, and 10 meters.
Contacts: All valid QSO confirmed, between American Stations
independent of the continent (SA & NA - Official DXCC list), being
allowed the repetition of contacts on different bands.

Categories (SA & NA):
- SOSB - Single Operator Single Band (80, 40, 20, 15, 10m)
- SOAB - Single Operator All Bands
- SOAB QRP - Single Operator All Bands QRP (Maximum output: 5Watts)
- M/S - Mult Operator Single TX (All Bands, Clubs or Groups)

CQ message: CQ TEST JF

Exchange: RST + Continent (SA or NA). Example: 599 SA or 599 NA.
- CWJF members should send RST + Continent / M;
- QRP stations, even if member, send RST + Continent / QRP;
- YL operators, even Members or QRP, send RST + Continent / YL;

QSO Points (regardless band):
- Confirmed QSO in the same Country: 1 point
- Confirmed QSO with Country of the same continent: 2 points
- Confirmed QSO with Country of another continent: 3 points
- Confirmed QSO with CWJF Members, QRP stations and YL operators: 5

- For South America entrant: 
All different PREFIXES worked in each band (i.e.: AA2 - AF1 - CP1 -
CX9 - HP1 - K3 - KGØ - LU2 - LW9 - N7 - NA3 - OA4 - PP1 - PY4 - VE3
- W6 - WA8 - XE3 - YV1 - ZP5 - ZZ4 - 6Y5 - 9Y4.).
- For North America entrant: 
All different South America PREFIXS worked in each band (i.e.: CE3 -
CP6 - CX2 - HC5 - HK1 - LU4 - LW9 - OA4 - PP1 - PT7 - PY4 - PY8 - XQ3
- YV1 - ZP5 - ZY7 - ZZ4).
Score: sum of the points obtained in each band, multiplied by the sum
of the multipliers in each band.

Obs: Rule allows passive use of DXCluster network. Self-spot or
asking someone to spot you, by any way, is strictly prohibited.
Violation of this rule could be a disqualification issue.

PY8AZT and PX8C @ Contest 
Web Site: http://www.uirapuru.org
Skype User: luc_py8azt
MSN: py8azt at hotmail.com 
Membership LABRE / ARRL / CWJF / Uirapuru DX Club

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