[CQ-Contest] "contest related" googlisms

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Tue May 16 07:29:01 EDT 2006

Following are a few contest related googlisms
for more try http://googlism.com/

Googlism for: n1mm

n1mm is the only piece of ham software that has never crashed on me
n1mm is a subscriber
n1mm is the easy set
n1mm is a very interesting and capable program which is developing very well
n1mm is far faster and easier to operate during a contest
n1mm is a much better contesting tool
n1mm is calling cq in the cq ww cw contest
n1mm is working with the 3

Googlism for: k1ea

k1ea is not really driven forward any more since about 1998
k1ea is an ibm/pc compatible xt size card which stores and retrieves audio for
k1ea is an ibm/pc compatible xt size card which
k1ea is now at least starting to run linux
k1ea is the bulletin board system to which the mail should be sent

Googlism for: k5zd

k5zd is an ex
k5zd is never disappointing
k5zd is a frequent top
k5zd is in zone 5
k5zd is right

Did not find very much about EU-contesters (not even for CT1BOH;- sri Jose), but
at least one is there:

Googlism for: on4un

on4un is actively involved in amateur radio society matters
on4un is a familiar belgium station for contesters and i have worked it many
on4un is working on a new book
on4un is trying to cancel horizontal radiation and optimize vertical radiation
with the two top loading wires
on4un is only about s4
on4un is
on4un is in two languages

Nothing yet for Jim CN2R, but the Bavarian's are still rocking...

Googlism for: cn8ww

cn8ww is on again
cn8ww is back on the air again
cn8ww is a "100% qsl" activity
cn8ww is a regular station from morocco and with its powerful signal is an easy
one to work
cn8ww is around

The big teams too...

Googlism for: hc8n

hc8n is magnificent
hc8n is quite literally in the clouds
hc8n is uncertain
hc8n is developed into a major contest site in the western hemisphere
hc8n is exhibited on hp
hc8n is located in the galapagos islands
hc8n is via randy becnel
hc8n is now w5ue
hc8n is qrt
hc8n is
hc8n is now via w5ue
hc8n is w5ue
hc8n is via aa5bt
hc8n is using a kenwood ts
hc8n is hf contesting

The results could be sometimes a bit "strange"...

Googlism for: d4b

d4b is similar to the d2b except the lower part of the cover is plain
d4b is a solution supplier that pro actively contributes for the
d4b is the right business partner to any company due to its capacity to
d4b is in fact a factor of about 10
d4b is aired on channel 4 in the uk and everyone once in awhile they mention the
show on their page
d4b is dead right
d4b is discussed in more detail below
d4b is connected to q7 on the right side of the ip
d4b is fused with
d4b is user prompted to add zip codes not in table? yes
d4b is coded a or b and d4c is coded a
d4b is coded c
d4b is coded b

Or sometimes quite accurate...

Googlism for: w1aw

w1aw is the strongest historic symbol of amateur radio
w1aw is open to visitors during normal operating hours
w1aw is open to visitors during normal operating hours; from 1 pm until 1 am on
w1aw is open for visitors monday through friday from
w1aw is the callsign of the hiram percy maxim memorial station in newington
w1aw is the hq station of the arrl
w1aw is a station operated by the arrl which has scheduled code practice
sessions daily on a particular frequency in each of the hf amateur bands
w1aw is requesting from amateurs who listen to the 80
w1aw is different
w1aw is also an amateur radio news service that provides daily morse code
w1aw is requesting from
w1aw is about 30 minutes from here and i have made frequent visits there over
the years
w1aw is silent on holidays
w1aw is an amateur licence
w1aw is includedin this announcement
w1aw is in jeopardy due to aging equip
w1aw is now 100% ao
w1aw is now offering
w1aw is arrl's original headquarters station call sign
w1aw is not on top of some hill but down next to some ancient river bottom
w1aw is re
w1aw is probably the best known callsign in the united states
w1aw is the official bulletin station of the arrl
w1aw is
w1aw is included in this announcement
w1aw is on air through as many amateur satellites as possible from 10th to 14 th
w1aw is changing
w1aw is now 100
w1aw is to provide a ham radio operating experience for visitors
w1aw is waiting for you
w1aw is about to send code practice
w1aw is nearly 2700 miles from me
w1aw is now doing on the low bands
w1aw is the first sign of something familiar to hams everywhere
w1aw is transmit
w1aw is the amateur radio relay league
w1aw is the amateur radio station of the american radio relay league
w1aw is included in this an
w1aw is now going qrt at the close of their code bulletin at 0400 utc
w1aw is arrl executive vice president dave sumner
w1aw is on ther air and listen with the computer on and off
w1aw is not a good choice for testing band because of their very big signal and
good antennas
w1aw is doing a information service for amateur radio
w1aw is still peaking s6 on the
w1aw is required to
w1aw is looking to upgrade its tnc from the 1200
w1aw is transmitting strong signals from just a few hundred feet away
w1aw is operated portable at arrl conventions
w1aw is on 7047
w1aw is a good source of practice
w1aw is 50 db

See you in WPX from CN2WW
73's Pat

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