[CQ-Contest] 2006 Dayton Contest Dinner, Super Suite and Forum Wrap Up

Tim Duffy K3LR k3lr at k3lr.com
Wed May 24 19:26:22 EDT 2006

The North Coast Contesters (NCC) hosted contesters from all over the world in
Dayton, Ohio this past Saturday night during the 14th annual Dayton
Contest Dinner where 377 contesters and DXers attended. K1AR was
Master of Ceremonies and K3EST was on hand to take care of the CQ Contest
Hall of Fame awards.

The Dayton Contest dinner is home to the yearly induction of fellow
contesters into the CQ Contest Hall of Fame. Since this special award was
47 contesters have now been inducted. NCC was honored to have Tim, K3LR and
Bill Fisher, W4AN (SK) join the CQ Contest Hall of Fame this year (#46 and #47).
Thanks to Comtek Systems and Radio Ware for taking care of the
program expenses.

The prize list was extensive this year. Almost ninety prizes were given
to contest operators in attendance. These prizes came from companies who
consider contesters to be a substantial part of their business. Id like
to thank the following companies who donated super prizes: 
Icom America, Force12, American Radio Relay League, CQ Magazine, Comtek
Systems, W4MPY QSL Man, The DX Magazine, Radio Bookstore, Radio Ware,
30 prizes from DX Engineering!, National Contest Journal, Daily DX,
Weekly DX, Tony Rogozinski, W4OI, K0XG Rotation Systems, W1WEF, Elecraft,
HamStuff.com, AlfaSpid, Green Heron, Lance Johnson Engineering, Low Band
Monitor, Idiom Press, TIC General, Array Solutions, K7NV Prop Pitch service.
If you won a prize, please write a thank you letter or email to these
companies. Their continued support is vital.

North Coast Contesters, Frankford Radio Club and
The Mad River Radio Club combined together to
host and sponsor the 2006 Contest Super Suite.

Dave, K8CC and Tim, K3LR sponsored the Super Suite Pizza Party at
midnight on Thursday night honoring all Multi Ops where contest
enthusiasts enjoyed 29 Pizzas. The outstanding Potomac Valley Radio Club
hosted the Pizza party in the Contest Super Suite at 11:30 PM (we are getting
Friday night where 33 pizzas went down fast. The fabulous Yankee Clipper Contest
sponsored the 11:30 PM Saturday night Pizza party, where 32 pizzas
were consumed in 32 minutes! WoW!

The Antenna forum and the Contest forum returned to HARA in the combined
Room 1 and 4. Everything worked great, with plenty of space! Some of the forum
slides can
be downloaded at http://www.k3lr.com (Thanks K5TR and N5KO!). Slides from 2004
and 2005
are there as well. 

I am in final discussions with the PVRC to bring their highly successful
Contest University program to Dayton for 2007. It is looking good! If there is
interest,  I am proposing that it be held all day Thursday before Dayton
at the Crowne Plaza hotel. It would have beginner and intermediate
tracks and would be taught be experienced members of the PVRC and other
contest clubs. If you are interested in attending, please send me an
email ASAP. We have already received 20 applications from interested contesters
who want to
attend The Dayton Contest University 2007. You can visit
I will post the application of interest there soon for you to email back to
k3lr at k3lr.com
We might even open the Super Suite and throw a Pizza party on
Wednesday night 2007!

Ticket sales for the 2007 Contest dinner (Our 15th year!) start January 1, 2007.
The ordering process
will be completely on-line for next year. Tickets will only be available by
http://www.contestdinner.com after January 1, 2007

I hope to see you in Dayton 2007!

Have a SAFE and enjoyable summer. GET ON THE AIR!
Very 73!
Tim K3LR

k3lr at k3lr.com


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