[CQ-Contest] Special Events Station K7A

Tom Taormina tom at k5rc.cc
Thu May 25 22:23:11 EDT 2006

The Texas DX Society and friends will be celebrating the 20th 
anniversary of the Great Armadillo Run of 1986 with Special Events 
Station K7A. The operation and reunion will be held in Virginia City, 
Nevada (Storey County) at the QTH of K5RC. Operation will be over 
Field Day weekend, June 24-25, 2006
 From 1983 through 1985, TDXS sponsored "Armadillo Runs" which, over 
three years, activated every county in the 5th call area. In 1986, 
they celebrated the Texas Sesquicentennial by sponsoring the Great 
Armadillo Run of 1986, where they attempted to activate every county 
in the USA over two weekends. See the story in April 1986 QST and CQ 
Magazines. They also created and activated "Armadillo County, Texas" 
during the Sesquicentennial celebration. That is now a deleted county.
Twenty years later, over 50 of the participants, friends and 
supporters are gathering at the K5RC Ranch to commemorate the event 
and operate K7A during Field Day. For details see 
QSL via W7RN.

Please publicize this event.

Tom Taormina, K5RC
Virginia City NV
Armadillo Reunion - June 24-25 - 
QTH for: NACHO - W7RN and RANN - K7RC
Web Site: http://k5rc.cc/  

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