[CQ-Contest] Defacto Calendar

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Fri Sep 1 03:26:03 EDT 2006

I have found the following helpful.

I have a calendar app into which I can insert the usual birthdays, 
holidays, and any other dates that I want.

I enter all the contests I might be interested in.

At the beginning of the contest name I put 1 to 3 asterisks.

*  means my wife can go ahead and schedule anything she wants on this 
date - no need to ask me about it.

** means I'm prepared to negotiate giving this one up

*** means that something will have to be pretty damn important for me to 
  not enter this one full time.  The fact that a family dinner can only 
be scheduled on a *** contest date because some member can't be 
available on another date due to some prior commitment doesn't cut it. 
My *** contest commitments are just as important as anyone else's 

I print a copy (one for each month) for me and a copy for my wife.

In looking at the calendar pages from Jun 1 to Sep 30 I see

Six with *
Nine with **
Seven with ***

It actually works pretty well.

I confess that I've never actually entered some of the * ones.

What I'm trying to say here is that some means of indicating the 
priority of the contests shown on the calendar might be useful.

73, Jim	VE7FO

Georgek5kg at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 8/30/2006 12:12:14 AM Eastern Daylight Time,  
> wa4pgm at nelsoncable.com writes:
> I  started working on one this morning at Google, still very much beta but  I
> think most of my mistakes have been corrected. Check it out and let me  know,
> happy  contesting!
> http://www.google.com/calendar/embed?src=wa4pgm%40nelsoncable.com
> 73,
> Kyle
> Nice Kyle,
> Suggestion:  Show the times in a 24-hour zulu time (UTC) format if you  can, 
> however, Google may not allow for that.  I see that the Google  Calendar is a 
> beta version, so you might ask them to provide for the 0000z time  format.  
> They might be interested in doing this since it would make their  application 
> more internationally acceptable.
> How does the Google Calendar print out?  I don't have a printer hooked  up to 
> the computer I am on now, so I can't see how it prints.  The idea  would be 
> to be able to print it out and hang it on the wall, or lay it on the  kitchen 
> table so it can be discussed witht the xyl.  Also, be able to  highlight the 
> contests that you plan to operate.  Also, be able to add  other personal dates 
> for trips, vacations, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. to  it.
> Just some thoughts.
> 73, George, K5KG
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