[CQ-Contest] Supportive life partners

B. Scott Andersen bsandersen at mac.com
Fri Sep 1 17:22:36 EDT 2006

Goodness, I also confess I am perplexed by
the thread on supportive wives/girlfriends/etc.

Our local club's Field Day was moved at the last
minute this year. I told Sandy, "I need a whole
handful of barrel connectors like this" and showed
her the SO-239 <--> SO-239 adapter. "Can you go 
scrounge some up for me? Hit the Radio Shacks and
that store in Littleton." She returned 45 minutes
later with a dozen of them, cleaning out all the
local retailers. 

The next morning, she brought me breakfast at 6:30
knowing I'd been up all night on the SSB station.

She's helped assemble the Force-12 Yagi at our
special event station K1P in Maine this year and
helped hang antennas with me for the ARRL DX 
contest in St. John. I could list things all day.

She's not a ham. She just having fun with me
as we do interesting things together. Simple, really.

-- Scott

PS Yes, I know how lucky I am. {grin}

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