[CQ-Contest] Defacto Calendar

Jim Smith jimsmith at shaw.ca
Sat Sep 2 02:29:16 EDT 2006

The calendar app I use is called Days Ease and is a (very) old PC Mag 

You can find it at http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,1895,1163621,00.asp

One less desirable aspect is:
While you can schedule things for, say, the last Saturday of the month, 
it doesn't have the capability of scheduling something for the last full 
weekend of the month.  This means that you have to sometimes revise the 
schedule for, say, CQ WW or other "... full weekend of the month" style 
contest schedules.

I have found it easier to modify schedules by making the changes in the 
file which contains the schedule info.  It is a text file with .evn 
extension.  See the "Holidays and Events" page for info on the data 

Hope this is of some use.

I don't use Outlook but I expect that you could do the same thing with it.

73, Jim Smith	VE7FO

W1NET wrote:
> I like the idea of sharing the calendar with the family scheduling stuff. As
> long as you let people know ahead of time they can plan. For me that's all
> it takes.  
> Can I download this calendar into my space and use it? How do I get it into
> outlook?  Or can't I?
> John
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> I have found the following helpful.
> I have a calendar app into which I can insert the usual birthdays, 
> holidays, and any other dates that I want.
> I enter all the contests I might be interested in.
> At the beginning of the contest name I put 1 to 3 asterisks.
> *  means my wife can go ahead and schedule anything she wants on this 
> date - no need to ask me about it.
> ** means I'm prepared to negotiate giving this one up
> *** means that something will have to be pretty damn important for me to 
>   not enter this one full time.  The fact that a family dinner can only 
> be scheduled on a *** contest date because some member can't be 
> available on another date due to some prior commitment doesn't cut it. 
> My *** contest commitments are just as important as anyone else's 
> commitments.
> I print a copy (one for each month) for me and a copy for my wife.
> In looking at the calendar pages from Jun 1 to Sep 30 I see
> Six with *
> Nine with **
> Seven with ***
> It actually works pretty well.
> I confess that I've never actually entered some of the * ones.
> What I'm trying to say here is that some means of indicating the 
> priority of the contests shown on the calendar might be useful.
> 73, Jim	VE7FO

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