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A-men to that, Ellen.

 Scott and his wife Donna have been my dear friends since 1970, or so, and 
we always smile at some of our fondly remembered contesting sagas.  It just 
doesn't get any better than that.

I still have the recording I made in September 1972 when I was VR1W on 
Canton Island, and Scotty was at his XE1IIJ killer station - he egging me 
on, in his inimitable way (he ALWAYS being the consummate competitor)  that 
I should go to Nick YV4UA Maracay, Venezuela, sugarcane plantation station 
for the 1972 CQ WW SSB contest.  I was to be just some more fodder for 
Scotty to vanquish with his rapid-fire contesting skills.

Reluctantly I went, with my broken Signal One, miraculously fixed four hours 
before the contest started, raced outside each time to turn the shorty forty 
(Armstrong method) while Nick and Maria's German Shepard chased me back to 
the shack.  Made it through the 48 hours, held-on to win, Bill K1GQ 2nd from 
KH6RS, and Scotty 3rd from Mexico.  I was extra pleased in that it took Don 
Miller's World Record out of the books.

Where I'm going with this story is: the next year, Scotty dropped by Nick's 
Maracay shack to see first hand the killer antenna system with which I 
prevailed.  Later, Nick hysterically related to me, of the puzzled look on 
Scotty's face, as he walked around the shack and plantation looking for the 
huge antenna that I certainly must have used, and discovered it was nothing 
more than the shorty forty, one-half of an 80 meter Inv- V on 160, and a 
little 2 element triband quad.

Shorty thereafter, of course, Scotty went on to win the ARRL DX SSB contest 
from Mexico, and became the first (alien) ever to make more than 10,000 
QSO's in a contest.

I think the ONLY major contest Scotty hasn't won is the CQ WW CW contest.

Why Scotty isn't in the Ham Radio and Contesting Hall of Fames is anybody's 

An amazing man, fabulous contester, and with his 40 years of service to our 
country, simply among the finest that credit our hobby.

Vy 73

Jim Neiger    N6TJ

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> Scotty is a class act in more ways than one.  When OM W1CW joined Silent
> Keys several years back Scotty wrote me in a very touching manner 
> expressing
> his appreciation, as a member of our military, for Bob's 5-year service in
> the Navy during WW-II.  We're lucky to have someone of his overall 
> character
> in such a sensitive governmental position.
> W1YL/4 "ln"
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>> I just happen to be watching the new anchor on the CBS national news on
>> Wednesday and saw a familiar face being interviewed.  It turned out to be
>> our own Scotty Redd, K0DQ.  He was also interviewed by Katie Couric on a
>> special on Wednesday at 10:00 pm.  I was unable to see much of either 
>> show
>> but was very impressed by Admiral Scotty.
>> It turns out he is head of the department that gathers and analyzes data
>> from the CIA, FBI, etc. on terrorists activities.
>> Look for him on NBC on or around September 11th.
>> Mike W9RE
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