[CQ-Contest] ... a little history lesson

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Sat Sep 9 12:21:04 EDT 2006

Dick, K4XU, wrote

 > American Morse survived on the US railroad's wire lines until the early 

Before moving to California in 1956 and a street with 3 hams in one block, 
I knew nothing of Ham Radio.

However, circa 1955, I first learned the "American Morse" code at age 11 
tnx to StationMaster Johnny Latham at the tiny train station just up the 
road from me in a small town of 310 people in Eastern Washington 
State.  Johnny used to let me send code on the "clacker" to a StationMaster 
named "Benny" in another hick-town further up the line.  We even had a few 
"voice" QSOs on a landline wire.

A big thrill for me was when my dad drove me to Lamont, WA, to finally have 
an "eyeball QSO" with the infamous Benny.

Those were the "good old days", and early pre-Ham preparation for Visalia 
type events :-)


Rick, K6VVA * Testing new Ergo/Therapy keyboard

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