[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective [was:WRTC Spot/Log Correlation]

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Syl, Syl, Syl,

That's why you have competitions based on geography. I can easily look at 
the ARRL regional boxes and see how I did compared to others in this 
division. I can look at the results for Manitoba and find out how I did 
relative to the local competition. I can look up one section and see if I 
beat similar Ontario stations and down one section to see if I beat similar 
Saskatchewan stations.

For Manitoba and Saskatchewan, relative to the Right Coast, the ONLY 
distinction is going to be geography. Nothing else is ever going to overcome 

It doesn't matter one whit whether I have 10/10/10/10/10 on five bands: I'm 
still going to be pasted by a KT34 at 50 feet located in Maine. (In a DX 
contest, at least.)

So on that basis, I see no value in a set of rules where the only 
distinction is going to be equipment.

That idea plays well in contests or in regions where everybody has the same 
relative propagation abilities.

Don't you see: the regional disparity you use to discredit my argument is 
EXACTLY WHY I don't see value in Ev's idea.

73, kelly

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> >I still do not understand how this creates any kind of meaningful
>> competitive endeavour.
> It is difficult to understand how a participant on a city lot located in 
> the
> black hole of the northern prairies can have a meaningful competition with
> participants on the East coast of the US, the West coast of EU or an
> African/Caribbean Island running stacked antennas located on a few acres 
> of
> land.
> The meaningfulness of a contest is in the eyes of the beholder. There are
> some contestants that simply want more information so they can do the
> comparison they wish to do and not be stuck with comparisons dictated by
> others.
> They are not asking for the rules to be changed!!  They are not asking for
> special rules!! They are asking for more information!!
> Syl
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