[CQ-Contest] not top-10 box competitions & comparisons

kr2q at optonline.net kr2q at optonline.net
Sun Sep 10 08:43:02 EDT 2006

HI all:

Okay, lots of (some?) folks what to "know how did I do against my peers" 
but under the current reporting methodology cannot.

So....let's first assume that Cabrillo will be modified to accomodate "extra" fields 
(a big assumption).

What exactlyl would be "important" for you non-top-ten types to view in order to 
make a serious comparison?  I am looking for real input, not silly stuff.

I might see:

1.  Number and height of towers / antennas

2.  Antenna description(s). [maybe "tribander" is too broad...TA33JR vs one of those
 monsters on a 50' plus boom might not seem "fair" -- or stacked tribanders]

3.  Description of rig(s) used.  

4.  Distance from salt water / Elevation: absolute and relative to surrounding X km.

5.  Coax loss / age of coax / type of coax (or open wire, etc)

6.  Power output in 100 watt increments for "HP"

7.  Years experience contesting

8.  Number of times: Participation at a M/M or M/S

9.  Listening antennas

10.  Hours participation

11.  Your age

12.  Your "comfortable" CW speed for contesting


So...what is important to YOU?  Again, let's just assume that this stuff can be (somehow) made
available to the public.  What listed above is important?  What listed above is "stupid?"  
What else would you like to see that would make comparisons more meaningful TO YOU?

de Doug KR2Q

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