[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective [was:WRTC Spot/Log Correlation]

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Sun Sep 10 14:34:51 EDT 2006

--- Doug Smith W9WI <w9wi at earthlink.net> wrote:
> Can't we have it *both* ways?
> I suggest we continue to consider categories the way
> we do now for
> issuance of awards, and within the official contest
> rules.
> On the contest website, we collect and display
> additional information.  

At first, I was thinking that there is no need for
centralized categorization.  I was thinking that, by
revealing the conditions under which a contest was
operated, the operator could create "their own hill to

Along the way, others (anyone) could offer awards for
whatever "hill" they wanted to market.  So...why not
the sponsor, too?

The bottom line is that we *want* more data.  The days
of "take it or leave it because the results are
printed in our magazine and there's only so much
space" are long gone (because they aren't printed
there anymore).

Contest sponsors...please, require us to supply more
information when we submit (the subject of another
thread <g>).  We will be able to use it to hone our
ability to perform even better in your events.

Please?  Pretty please?

Ev, W2EV

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