[CQ-Contest] CW Accuracy

Kelly Taylor ve4xt at mts.net
Tue Sep 12 08:55:53 EDT 2006

Like Barry said, Morse Runner is the only program you need to know.

It trains you on the full gamut of CW skills: pileups, lids, QRN, QRM, QSB, 
RIT, high-speed, low-speed -- and of course, typing! I squeezed in a bit of 
practice over the summer and for the last sprint, I noticed my ability to 
capture calls and exchanges on the first go had improved dramatically.

Best of all, it's free. http://www.dxatlas.com/MorseRunner/

Second best of all, it's a great program to have when you feel the urge to 
contest but are only lacking a contest. It's easy to forget that you're not 
actually on the air working real people.

VE3NEA did an outstanding job writing this program.

73, kelly

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> Anyone  else notice this aging by-product?
> Not yet...but, I did the same thing with RUFZ, and found it was my
> non-existent typing skills. Seeing my UBN's were almost the same in both 
> CW  & SSB, I
> decided to find out why. Since last year, I have been really  practicing
> accuracy in typing. hope it helps this fall!
> 73-Chuck
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