[CQ-Contest] A New Perspective...

Eric Hilding dx35 at hilding.com
Tue Sep 12 22:03:04 EDT 2006

Hmmm...try this one on for size.

If Contesting is viewed from strictly an Operator Skill standpoint:

1. Everyone registers on the Sponsor's website prior to the event with an 
entry cut-off date/time.  Once all the players have signed up...

2. Everyone downloads the event-specific Module (with all the player 
callsigns included) that interfaces with your existing Contest software and 
TXRX's.  Then...

3. Everyone operates the Contest during the specified hours, OFF-LINE, and 
when it's over, uploads the callsign_results.txt file to the Sponsor's 
designated URL by the log submission deadline. Finally...

4. Final scores are available almost instantaneously once the log 
submission deadline has passed, and auto-published on the Sponsor's 
page.  Since only "Operating Skill" is involved on a completely level 
playing field, everyone knows exactly where everyone stands.  If the score 
ain't there, it boils down to the basics of practice-practice-practice 
before the next event running.

The "Playing Field" is TOTALLY LEVEL...no Geography, antennas, rigs, ERP or 
other excuse factors to screw with...it's all about SKILL, and the event 
module operates the same for everyone based upon random algorithms.

There could be *maybe* two categories:

1. SO2R (why force skilled SO2R ops to go backwards in life?)
2. Non-SO2R

Scream if you will, but incorporating the ability to also operate the 
Contest *without* any interfaced TXRX's could be a low-cost way of bringing 
more young video gamer types with no bucks into the "Contesting" arena with 
even a computer at a local library or school.  Remember, the Contester 
Population is sadly diminishing each year ;-(

In terms of an event Module, we are essentially talking about an SO2R 
capable Morse Runner on STEROIDS (for CW) and use of pre-recorded 
multi-voice .wav files for SSB with some extra special programming onboard.

FWIW & 73...

Rick, K6VVA * The Locust

P.S. The reason for interfaced TXRX's is so that one's investment in 
equipment doesn't all go down the toity :-)

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