[CQ-Contest] A CW Contest Do-list [was: CW Accuracy]

AD5VJ Bob rtnmi at sbcglobal.net
Tue Sep 12 22:55:51 EDT 2006

 I sorta did this during the EU contest last weekend. 

A couple of unaware general class stations answered my SSB "CQ CONTEST" from somewhere stateside to tell me "your 59 in Arkansas"
and another one from Texas.

I wasn't on CW obviously, but the same principle applies.

I just thanked them for the contact and responded with "your also 59 in Texas".

They enjoyed it - it seemed - and went on their way feeling accomplished.

I think that is encouraging for them more than anything, feeling accomplished. 

I just didn't have the heart to tell them "this is an EU contest No North America EU only" or anything like that. 

For the same time spent I just worked them instead.

I remember the days of Novice back in the gud'ol'days and how I looked up to the "ol'timers" and really got excited when they used
to come on 40 in the Novice portion of the band and work me CW at my own speed or usually just a tad faster.

A lot of times you could tell them from the others because of the call sign or because they would speed up just a bit to sorta let
you know.

I felt like I just worked a rare Dx Hi Hi

I also remember as I upgraded all the ol'timers would tell us to be sure and not forget about going back into the Novice portions
and working some there also ever so often. So I did.

I even like doing it today. 

Long live CW.

  73 fer nw,

10X# 37210, FP#-1141
SMIRK#-5177, RARS #-149

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> Here's a perspective of someone who entered their first CW 
> contest within the past year.  If "the collective you" really 
> mean what you say ("we need to encourage new participation") 
> then here's a way to assure that they feel welcome.
> 1. Do match the sending speed of the slowest QSO participant
>    a. Do respond to a CQ at the same or slower speed
>    b. Do respond to a reply to your CQ at the same or
>       slower speed
> 2. Do use both callsigns when replying
> Failure to do these things may actually increase errors and 
> s-l-o-w down the QSO process with otherwise unnecessary reties.
> fwiw.
> Ev, W2EV
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