[CQ-Contest] KC1J is new ARRL Contest Branch manager

Warren C. Stankiewicz nf1j at earthlink.net
Wed Sep 13 13:23:09 EDT 2006

NN3W wrote:

> K, although I can't find a single contest score reported by KC1J in the 
> 3830
> reflector.....

No, Tom's not a contester, although I can remember him operating in one of 
the Naked Chicken Contest Club W1AW Field Days of the 90's.

But before we rush to burn Tom in effigy, who else on this list applied for 
the job?

It's a job that pays little, located in an expensive area to live, can be 
very demanding, and trust me when I tell you that there are only so many 
phone calls you can take in a day asking when Field Day is before you want 
to beat your head against the wall of the cubicle. Although the job has 
gotten easier with the removal of scores from QST, and log checking being 
done externally, I still don't envy anyone in Tom's position.

When you look at the past history of the Contest Branch staff, yes, there 
have been some great contesters in there (K1KI, K1ZZ, K1RO, etc), and there 
have been a number of people who've worked there, left, and have sunk into 

Your mileage may vary, but we should be fortunate a decision wasn't made to 
just shut the ARRL Contest Branch down completely.

Warren, NF1J 

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