[CQ-Contest] (OT) Scott Johns W3TX to be unavailable for 3-12 weeks

Scott W3TX superberthaguy at adelphia.net
Wed Sep 13 14:15:56 EDT 2006

Hi everyone,

I'm writing to let my friends, acquantainces, and business contacts know
that I will likely to be difficult to contact for the next 3-12 weeks.

at 11:30 pm of 9-10-06 my wife went into labor 6 weeks early and God decided
it was time for baby Alex to join this world.

Alex was delivered on 9-11-06 at 2:12 am and immediately was taken to the
NICU and placed on a ventilator and all the other support available.  I'm
told it is going to be a very long journey with ups and downs and no
guarantees.  Please pray for him twice a day when you awake and when you go
to sleep.  The first words the NICU doctor and nurse used to descibe Alex
was "Fiesty".  He's that and so much more.

Sharon is the love of my life. Sharon's emergency cesarian was difficult due
to some serious adhesion problems and a lacerated bladder and major blood
loss.  As monday wore on it became obvious that she was bleeding out
internally and she was rushed into a second emergency surgery monday
afternoon and had blood transfusions simultaneously.  As of wednesday she is
improving gradually but is not out of the woods yet. Please also pray for
her twice a day, too.

I know I am leaving many of you high and dry on some projects we were
working on.  I apologize for that.

I will be back to you as soon as I can be.

In lieu of sending flowers, gifts, etc please consider the following:
1). Send Sharon a get well card
2). If you are a Ham Operator send Alex a get well QSL (I have him in mind
as a 40 meter cw op at my future contest station!)
3). If you are able consider donating blood to your local blood bank.
Without transfusions I would be planning a funeral right now.

Thanks again for your understanding, friendship, and above all, prayers.

Best regards,
Scott W3TX

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