[CQ-Contest] no acknowledgement

Mark Beckwith n5ot at n5ot.com
Thu Sep 14 18:59:52 EDT 2006

N6TR said:

> In the recent CW Sprint, I am losing two QSOs (with additional two QSOs 
> worth
> of penalties) because I didn't QRS enough (or at all).  The station I was
> working asked for a repeat - but I didn't hear it with the pileup that 
> often
> occurs when taking over a frequency in the CW Sprint.

Bummer.  I asked for fills once and the station went off and worked another 
station instead.  I just copied the exchange again and did a (-1) on the 
number and logged it.  I guess he didn't hear my request for fills.  Oh 
well.  I'm pretty sure he's in the log okay.

Mark, N5OT 

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