[CQ-Contest] post contest plotting

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Thu Sep 14 22:03:46 EDT 2006

Does it work if there are W6's on the East Coast or W2's on the Wast 
Coast in the log?

Randy Johnson wrote:

>YOU can check out Logview at http://www.mapability.com/ei8ic/logview/index.php
>This is just for USA and Canada now, but you can contact Tim to see if he's going to go world-wide with it. 
>Note that this only works with Cabrillo formatted files.
>Randy W6SJ
>Being curious, i am looking for an "after contest" software that would
>graphically plot my QSOs on a map (using an ADIF file). That would 
>for "propagation studies".
>Has someone developed something (or found a trick with Google earth, by
>example) ?

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