[CQ-Contest] CW Accuracy

4X4KF 4x4kf at iarc.org
Fri Sep 15 00:35:36 EDT 2006

Welcome to the club of aging. The alternative is worse.
Michael 4X4KF

Craig Cook wrote:

>Something funny is going on. I honestly used to think that I was slightly
>above average. In other words, if there were 1500 entrants in a CW SS, my cw
>skills would be among the top 750. I always thought that if I was ever in a
>position to upgrade the hardware, then my scores would only get better from
>there. As if it would be a reciprocal thing. The more stations I could work,
>the more practice I would get, the better my CW would get, the more staions
>I could work. Repeat. As if that was the main thing holding me back. Lately
>it seems like I can't copy or type very well at all. Last SS my report was
>pretty bad. I do have MorseRunner, but no motivation. My memory is getting
>worse, too.


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