[CQ-Contest] 2006 WAE SSB - All 3830 Claimed Scores 12Sep2006

Alan Zack k7acz at cox.net
Fri Sep 15 19:06:48 EDT 2006

Mail Logs to address shown is incorrect.  WAE Web site has been updated
to show:

WAEDC Contest Committee
PO Box 2141
D-64532 Moerfelden-Walldorf

See bottom of page:


mwdink at eskimo.com wrote:

>2006 WAE SSB - 3830 Claimed Scores 12Sep2006
>NOTE: This list is NOT a list of submitted logs received by the contest sponsor. It is based solely on the claimed scores posted to the 3830 reflector via the web forms available at the 3830 Score Web Page shown below.
>Submit logs by: October 15, 2006
>E-mail logs to: waedc[at]dxhf[dot]darc[dot]de
>Mail logs to:
>  WAEDC Contest Manager
>Bernhard Buettner, DL6RAI
>Schmidweg 17
>D-85609 Dornach
>3830 Score Web Page - http://www.hornucopia.com/3830score/
>Submission info ( tnx WA7BNM) - http://www.hornucopia.com/contestcal/
>Contest Station Database - http://www.pvrc.org/
>73 dink

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