[CQ-Contest] I shouldnt be complaining but..

lew lew at dsl-only.net
Sat Sep 16 23:13:29 EDT 2006

KO1H wrote:

> <>I Received a Certificate for CW WW SSB 2005 #2 world #1 US #1 W1
> Now am I being selfish or is cq just stingy in the wood department?
> PS I have the same problem with IARU.
> Flame suit on Im sure I will need it...
     Hi John,
           CQ doesn't do the wood. Volunteers roped into the job by CQ 
do the contest. Contesters can donate $ to make the wood for most the 
contests..including the CQ WW and a slug of others.
The most egregious wood plaque sponsoring program is associated with  
The Stew Perry TopBand DX Challenge sponsored by The Boring Amateur 
Radio Club enveloping the world 1500Z 30 Dec to 1500Z 31 Dec 2006, which 
also has very cool certificates noting accomplishments upon the field of 
160M RF.
     Have you donated $ for a plaque yet this season?  Doesn't really 
make a difference which contest it is as long as you enjoy it and want 
it to flourish. Makes the RF tussle just a bit more interesting.
    73 and I remain,
     Lew   W7EW/W7AT
     Primary Plaquester for The Boring Amateur Radio Club

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